NEQSOL Holding to host prestigious Capacity Caucasus & Central Asia 2022 event

For the first time ever, Capacity Media will bring its world-renowned telecoms event to the Caucasus and Central Asia this year on the initiative and with organizational support of NEQSOL Holding. The Capacity Caucasus & Central Asia 2022 event, taking place in Baku, Azerbaijan, on June 21-22, highlights the region’s role in global digital transformation and growth.

Other events organized by Capacity Media include International Telecoms Week (ITW), the world’s largest annual carrier to carrier event in the United States, attended by more than 7,000 delegates. This is in addition to various high-profile and cosmopolitan events such as Capacity Asia (Macau), Capacity Europe (London) and Capacity Middle East (Dubai).

Capacity Caucasus & Central Asia will provide a forum for industry representatives from major global and regional telecoms providers, as well as policymakers and representatives of governments, to conduct conversations that will shape the future of the telecoms industry – in the region and beyond.

NEQSOL Holding is spearheading the region’s digital transformation through its flagship infrastructure project, the Digital Silk Way. The project is being implemented by NEQSOL Holding’s subsidiary, AzerTelecom, and once complete it will provide the fastest, most advanced route for digital connectivity between Europe and Asia.

Yusif Jabbarov, Chief Executive Officer of NEQSOL Holding, said:

“This year, with the organizational support of NEQSOL Holding, the Capacity Caucasus & Central Asia event will be held for the first time ever. Undoubtedly, this is a remarkable event for the market, as it unites the key global and regional ICT players representing the carrier, cloud, digital infrastructure, software, data center and technology industries. The Caucasus is the connecting bridge between Europe and Asia, and offers large-scale digital solutions like those initiated by NEQSOL Holding’s Digital Silk Way. I believe such world-level events like Capacity Caucasus & Central Asia will serve as an excellent platform to further open the region, especially with its great potential and prospective for the international business community.”

Fuad Allahverdiyev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of AzerTelecom, commented:

“As industry leaders discuss global and regional business opportunities across Europe and Asia, the formation of a new digital route between these continents will be one of the most exciting topics at the Capacity Caucasus & Central Asia event. Therefore, this event is also an excellent opportunity for NEQSOL Holding and telecom companies to come together within the Digital Silk Way project. AzerTelecom considers this event as an excellent platform for holding meetings and developing cooperation models with international companies operating in this industry.”

Ros Irving, CEO, Capacity Media, said:

“We are delighted to be building a brand-new event for Caucasus and Central Asia, with the support of NEQSOL Holding. The opportunities in the region for growth and investment are highly interesting to our international audience; the event will be the perfect opportunity to develop and nourish lasting business relationships for years to come.”

More information and registration for the event is available here.

About NEQSOL Holding

NEQSOL Holding is a diversified group of companies operating in energy, telecommunications, hi-tech, and construction industries in the UK, the USA, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, the UAE and more. The majority of the companies within the group are market leaders with over two decades’ experience in their respective fields of operation. The Holding brings these companies together to build a multifaceted and multi-industry business portfolio that ultimately helps strengthen strategic management and synergies between the companies. The Holding plans to expand its business activities by entering both new geographies and business areas.

About Capacity Media

Founded in 2000, Capacity Media is an essential source of news and events in telecommunications wholesale carrier and service provider marketplace and focuses on the critical business issues that carriers face in the rapidly changing telecoms market. Through its portfolio of Capacity magazine and 24 large scale global events including Capacity Europe, International Telecoms Week (ITW), the Global Carrier Awards as well as networking receptions, carrier directories and an online news source, Capacity Media has become a vital source of business intelligence for the global carrier industry.

2 February 2022
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7 October 2021

NEQSOL Holding announces partnership between NEQSOL Academy and LinkedIn Learning

NEQSOL Holding has launched a new collaboration between its digital learning & engagement platform, NEQSOL Academy, and the internationally acclaimed online course provider, LinkedIn Learning. The partnership will host a fully integrated platform for NEQSOL Holding and its companies’ employees to upskill in business, technology and creative professionalism through expert-led course videos. Employees will have the opportunity to earn qualifications with the support of professional certification exam preparation courses, accredited by authorised institutions such as PMI, ISACA, ORACLE, SHRM, Six Sigma.  The platform’s broad and extensive course library will boast over 16,000 LinkedIn Learning courses created by renowned industry experts. The partnership builds on NEQSOL Holding’s commitment to constructive career development opportunities for its employees and highlights a significant expansion of LinkedIn Learning’s presence in the CIS region.  LinkedIn Learning courses will enrich NEQSOL Academy’s vast library, which also features top-tier educational resources from Harvard Business School and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloan School. The collaboration also reinforces the recent recognition of the Holding’s achievements in the category of Succession and Career Management, where it won both a Silver Award from the Brandon Hall Group and a Gold Stevie® Award for its Succession Readiness Program. Yusif Jabbarov, CEO of NEQSOL Holding, said:    “At NEQSOL Holding we believe that the most important investment any company can make is in its employees. We are continually looking for new ways in which we can provide learning and development opportunities and we are pleased to be playing a key role in expanding LinkedIn Learning’s presence in the CIS region.” Meric Tunc, Chief Human Capital Officer of NEQSOL Holding, said:    “We are proud to provide more professional development and career progression opportunities for our valued employees. The world has never been more digitally connected and forging this relationship with LinkedIn Learning will enable us to continue to better meet the professional needs of our employees in the digital age.”   Tom Newman, Head of Venture Markets for Learning & Engagement Solutions at LinkedIn, said:  “It is an absolute pleasure to see the start of our collaboration with NEQSOL Holding and to be an executive sponsor for one of our biggest LinkedIn Learning projects in the CIS region. Companies putting an additional effort on employee development will benefit from the outcomes of higher employee engagement, lower attrition rates and stronger employer brand. NEQSOL Holding is doing this at its best and will lead by example with NEQSOL Academy and LinkedIn Learning.”  NEQSOL Holding is a diversified group of companies operating in energy, telecommunications, hi-tech, and construction industries in the UK, the USA, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, the UAE and more. The holding has a professional team of more than 10,000 employees. The majority of the companies within the group have been active in their respective fields of operation for more than two decades. The holding brings these companies together to build a multifaceted and multi-industry business portfolio that ultimately helps strengthen strategic management and synergies between the companies. NEQSOL Holding plans to expand its business activities by entering both new geographies and business areas.

28 April 2022

“Digital Silk Way” project comes into international spotlight

The “Digital Silk Way” project, a telecommunications corridor to connect Europe and Asia via Azerbaijan, has attracted international interest at the “Dubai Expo” worldwide exhibition and “Capacity Middle East 2022” global event.The “Digital Silk Way — Connectivity Beyond Borders” event at the Azerbaijan Pavilion at Dubai Expo highlighted cooperation directions bringing together representatives of Transtelecom, Turk Telekom International, Telecom Italia Sparkle, Telecom Malaysia, Gulf Bridge International — Telecom Qatar, OneWeb, Telegraph 42 Management Gmbh, Fastweb, NTT, and other influential international companies.In addition, international partners showed great interest in the project during the “Capacity Middle East 2022” telecommunications event in Dubai. Negotiations were held with Google, Cienna, Lumen, Neterra, China Telecom Global, China Mobile International, Vodafone Carrier Services, Turkcell Superonline, Vodafone Turkey, Batelco, STC, and other major international companies. Models of cooperation on the project have been agreed upon with various telecommunications operators and suppliers, and Memorandums of Understanding are expected to be signed.The “Digital Silk Way” project aims to create a telecommunications corridor connecting Europe and Asia via Azerbaijan and making significant contribution to the development of digitalization and connectivity in the wider region, including Caucasus, Central and South Asia. The project will contribute to the development of information technologies and digital ecosystem in Azerbaijan and the country’s transformation into a digital hub of the region.The project initiated by NEQSOL Holding and implemented by AzerTelecom was selected as one of the five best strategic infrastructure projects in Asia at the Global Strategic Infrastructure Leadership Forum in 2020 in the United States.NEQSOL Holding is a diversified group of companies operating in eight countries across the energy, telecommunications, hi-tech, and construction industries. AzerTelecom, part of NEQSOL Holding, is Azerbaijan’s leading wholesale telecommunications operator connecting Azerbaijan with the global Internet network.