Sustainable Development and Corporate Impact


Acknowledging a changing world, the Sustainable Development and Corporate Impact Committee seeks to find and promote the appropriate balance between the economic, environmental and social aspects of the business community to ensure sustainability for current and future generations. More and more businesses wish to incorporate sustainable practices in their day-to-day operations. The Sustainable Development and Corporate Impact Committee aims to assist these businesses with education, support and recognition through workshops and other initiatives. 


The main mission of the Sustainable Development and Corporate Impact Committee is to be at the forefront of driving long-term sustainable value for our members and the business community by encouraging the development of sustainability initiatives and programs and supporting their implementation. The Committee serves as a platform to further support and enhance sustainable business practices. Activities of the Committee fall into the following categories: 

•    Organizing events such as breakfasts or lunches with sustainability experts

•    Lobbying for more sustainable business practices in Azerbaijan and beyond

•    Engaging the business community to be proactive in the change towards a more sustainable society 

•    Conducting capacity-building initiatives such as workshops and seminars with a sustainability focus 

•    Creating partnership opportunities and synergies among AmCham members 

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Committee chairs


Rena Tahirova

Holcim Azerbaijan OJSC, member of Holcim Group

Deputy Chairperson

Fidan Tofidi

Turan Legal and Tax Services LLC

Deputy Chairperson

Jeyhun Atayev

SIAR Research and Consulting Group