Launch of the EU4Environment RECP Activities in Azerbaijan

Within the framework of the EU funded “EU4Environment” Action, UNIDO launches in Azerbaijan the activities dedicated the application of Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) at industrial enterprises. The launch comes at a time when the international community’s agenda pushes for critical green decision making. The event goes also in line with the national commitments for achieving the Azerbaijan 2030 plans on setting the priorities for socio-economic development and green growth. In this sense, three out of the five identified national priorities for the next decade in Azerbaijan are directly related to RECP, aiming to build a steadily growing competitive economy, and a nurturing a clean environment.[1]

Spanning until 2022, this work will demonstrate application of the RECP methodology in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and further promote the use of principles and practices of RECP and Circular Economy (CE). What is more, under the Result 2, “Circular Economy and New Growth Opportunities” Component of the EU4Environment Action, UNIDO will further scale up the implementation of the RECP methodology among SMEs in Azerbaijan by building the capacity of the enterprises to use RECP approaches in their systems and operations via:

  • Training national experts on RECP methodology, conducting RECP assessments and developing business cases to demonstrate benefits in the national context
  • Establishing RECP Clubs of enterprises (introducing peer coaching mechanisms in selected municipalities)
  • Piloting Industrial Waste Mapping (in selected regions)
  • Conducting events tailored to raising awareness & sharing knowledge on the principles of circular economy, and 
  • Exploring the applicability of the EU Single Market for Green Products (SMGP) initiative

In this endeavor, the first activities of the EU4Environment Action in Azerbaijan are the calls for experts and interested industrial enterprises to join the RECP Demonstration activities, aiming at reducing consumption of resources, including energy and water, whilst increasing the productivity, as well as the wellbeing of workers and associated communities, at large. The selected enterprises and professionals will be equipped with practical, hands-on experience on how to use the RECP methodology and develop concrete steps to improve the performance of businesses.

The first call is for experts and professionals interested to be trained on the application of the RECP methodology in SMEs in Azerbaijan, contributing this way to the overall RECP demonstration in the country. 

The second call is for companies (manufacturing SMEs) interested in participating in the implementation of the RECP Project in Azerbaijan as demonstration enterprises.

In Azerbaijan, the implementation of the RECP activities will be supported by a National Implementing Partner of UNIDO, comprised of a consortium of companies led by ACE Group Consultants under the leadership of the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources (National counterparts of the Action).

For more details on both calls for expression of interest, please write an email to the National Coordinator of RECP activities in Azerbaijan Mr. Yashar Karimov and/or the International EU4Environment Coordinator Ms. Tatiana Chernyavskaya.  

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23 June 2021
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23 June 2021

Call for expression of interest in Azerbaijan: Demonstration Companies on Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP)

EU4Environment Action funded by the European Union is looking for Small and Medium-sized manufacturing Enterprises (SMEs) to become RECP Demonstration Companies and participate in the implementation of the RECP methodology in Azerbaijan. In order to scale up the application of the Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) methodology, at least 15 local (manufacturing) SMEs will be selected and supported in greening their businesses and improving the efficiency of their production during 2021-2022. The focus of improvements for the selected companies will be in the fields of energy, use of raw materials and supplies, water efficiency, and waste management. The expected benefits for the participating SMEs are to:Improve the resource input of their production processes. Identify resources/cost saving opportunities. Build capacity for long term resource efficiency and cleaner production application.Improve environment management system and compliance by decreasing waste generation, emissions and/or effluents.Access to finance related to clean production and green economy.The selected Demonstration Companies teams will be provided with RECP in-plant-assessments and technical visits from the RECP Experts, following the RECP methodology. The RECP in-plant assessment will follow a systematic analysis based on the RECP methodology to optimize the use of resources in the demonstration companies. This involves data analysis and assessing inefficiencies, technical, economic, and environmental evaluation of measures to reduce the negative environmental impact of the existing production practices, and support for the demonstration enterprises to improve their efficiency. This also includes training activities for the companies’ staff, the provision of a technical report on the assessment findings and identified measures, and the monitoring of the implemented measures in the demonstration companies.As such, the RECP Demonstration Companies will be expected to contribute to the full duration of the RECP implementation activities in Azerbaijan. The activity also envisions a training programme on RECP.REQUIREMENTS:The companies willing to participate in the application of the RECP methodology should meet the following criteria and requirements:Be registered as a local legal entity and operational in Azerbaijan.Be a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME). Be engaged in or part of the manufacturing industry.This activity is undertaken by the national team of UNIDO under the EU4Environment Action in Azerbaijan. The team consist of a National Coordinator and a consortium of companies led by CE Group Consultants, a National Implementing Partner on RECP in Azerbaijan. The national team will handle the application, selection, interview, and contracting of the demonstration companies. APPLICATION PROCEDURES: to apply, please fill in and sign the application and expression of interest form attached and send it along with TAX ID to Nijat Babayev at: nijat@aceconsultants.azTel: (+994 12) 488 68 32Tel/Fax: (994 12) 488 67 91Mobile (office): (+994 50) 407 22 76Only short-listed companies will be invited to an interview.APPLICATION DEADLINE: 05 July 2021APPLICATION FORM AND EXPRESSION OF INTEREST CAN BE FOUND IN THE ATTACHMENT