Turkish Airlines student privileges are available on Turkish Airlines webpage and mobile application.

Discount advantages: 10% off domestic flights, up to 20% off international flights and special prices on international one-way flights. 

Baggage allowance: Free 40 kg baggage allowance on flights with the one-piece luggage concept, convenient extra luggage charges on domestic flights. 

Free change: Free change for the first change on international flights, excluding class/fare differences. 

Earn Extra Miles: 25% more Miles to be earned from all flights by the end of 2021 

Welcome Miles: An extra 1000 Miles for new memberships, 2000 Miles in total.

Purchase: Until February 15, 2021 

Travel: Until June 18, 2021

In order to benefit from this advantages, students must follow these 3 steps: 

1. Create a Miles&Smiles account. 

2. Define their Account as Student by filling up the "Student Application Form" in the "Applications" section under the "New Feedback". 

3. Purchase the ticket.

28 January 2021